Disappointing Movies of 2019


Out of all of the amazing movies I see year after year, some some are lackluster in comparison. Here are my most disappointing picks of 2019 (so far!)

Centered around an 80 year old Korean war vet turned drug mule, this movie had a promising storyline. However, the movie was slow and seemed to drag on. It’s total run time is 2 hours, and the plot is not eventful enough to go on for this long.
Rebel Wilson stars in this comedy film released the day before Valentine’s Day. It’s supposed to be a comedy though I didn’t find myself laughing much at all. Furthermore, I’m tired of always seeing Rebel Wilson play the weird, unattractive woman. She has far more potential than shown in this film.
As a big fan of RBG, I had high expectations for this film. It focuses on the early part of her career, but throughout the whole movie, I couldn’t help but feel something was missing. RBG has been so influential and I just didn’t feel as though this movie did her justice.